Career: A Mangaka

All those Comics or Mangas that you find your friends reading are drawn and written by someone
Have you ever wondered who they are? Or what kind of Career that is? Well I'll tell you now,
They are Mangakas, that is the Japanese name for a Manga artist or cartoonist. Usually a mangaka is
japanese,they generally make their living by creating characters and writing stories to entertain their audience.

Here I will show you all the education a Mangaka has to go through and what their career consists of,
what was their first step into this career to how their fame grew. All of the following information will be linked in my works cited page, all rights reserved to those who own the content, I also created my banner using, you should go and check it out! Have fun reading up on Mangaka, and make sure to check out the featured Mangakas and Mangas!